King William
King William

The St. Andrews Golfers ban the stymie, but rescind the ban one year later.

William IV confers the title "Royal and Ancient" on the Golf Club at St. Andrews.

The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers abandons the deteriorating Leith Links, moving to Musselburgh.

The longest driver ever recorded with a feathery ball, 361 yards, is achieved by Samuel Messieux at Elysian Fields.

The Bombay Golfing Society (later Royal Bombay) is founded.

Blackheath follows Leith in expanding its course from five to seven holes. North Berwick also had seven holes at the time, although the trend toward a standard eighteen had begun.

Invention of the "guttie," the gutta-percha ball. It flies farther than the feathery and is much less expensive. It contributes greatly to the expansion of the game.

The Gutta-Pecha Ball
The Gutta-Pecha Ball


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