Golf is televised for the first time, in a local St. Louis telecast of the U.S. Open.

Golf World magazine is founded.

Bobby Locke becomes the first South African to win the British Open.

Bobby Locke
Bobby Locke

Bobby Locke sets a PGA TOUR record with a 16-stroke winning margin in the Chicago Victory National Championship.

Herbert Warren Wind's authoritative The Story of American Golf is published.

The U.S. Junior Amateur is instituted. Ken Venturi loses to Dean Lind in the first final.

The USGA Golf Journal is founded.

Louise Suggs wins the U.S. Women's Open by a record margin of 14 strokes. Marie Roke of Wollaston, MA aces a 393-yard hole-the longest ace ever recorded by a woman.

The LPGA is founded, replacing the ailing Women's Professional Golf Association. Ben Hogan, only weeks after returning to the PGA TOUR following a near-fatal auto accident, wins the U.S. Open at Oakland Hills

Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan

Francis Ouimet becomes the first American Captain of the R & A.

The USGA and the R & A, in a conference, complete a newly revised Rules of Golf. Although in1951 the R & A and the USGA continue to differ over the size of the golf ball, all other conflicts are resolved in this momentous conference. The center-shafted putter is legalized world-wide. The out-of-bounds penalty is standardized at stroke-and-distance, and the stymie is finally and forever abolished.

Golf Digest is founded, with Bill Davis as editor.

Al Brosch shoots 60 in the Texas Open to set an 18-hole PGA TOUR record.

Marlene Hagge wins the Sarasota Open when she is 18 years 14 days old-an LPGA record.

Patty Berg shoots an LPGA-record of 64 for an 18-hole round.

The National Hole-in-One Clearing House is established by Golf Digest.


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